About Me

With the establishment of the company Isy-coaching GmbH I fulfilled one of my long-standing objectives. My experience over several years as a competitive athlete and my knowledge from various educations and seminars, brought me to the point to finally pass it on to others. I accompany children and teenagers on the way to also achieve their goals successfully, these can be daily, school or sports. From planning how and when the homework and learning blocks can be made most effectively through specialized support with tips and tricks, such as in mathematics. One of my other main emphasis is to deal with examination anxiety and examination blocks. For this I use, among other things, a method which is modeled on kinesiology. In Germany and Switzerland, this procedure is intended to remedy these fears and blockages still relatively new and unknown, but the results will delight all participants. One of my other special topics is the solution-oriented approach with regard to family matters. Together at a common table with the children and parents, we aim to resolve issues at home to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, which for example could be affected through school stress.

I am looking forward to giving also fresh inputs to your offspring and family system. Contact me today for an informal acquaintance.

Isabelle Gysi